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Pole Classes at Bend, Don't Snap Pole Fitness, LLC

We strive to create a safe, non-judgmental environment encouraging women to feel free to "flow," allow their bodies to move how they were intended, leave feeling accomplished and having a sense of belonging and community. I do not tolerate gossip of other members or any type of behavior compromising the therapeutic experience for others. 

The Experience

  • Classes are MAXED at 3-4 women, maintaining an intimate and non competitive class environment. Each individual has their own pole allowing for uninterrupted flow. Sign-up is required prior, absolutely no drop-ins.

  • Lighting is very dim and flattering with purple and pink LED lighting. The pole room is connected to my therapy office.

  • Pole Curriculum changes constantly.  Each class is determined in the moment based on the dynamic of the group, how everyone's body is flowing and feeling that day, and general interest. Classes are strength based and designed to meet everyone where their bodies are at. My favorite part about pole is there is ALWAYS something for everyone and something new to learn, try or improve upon.

  • Music varies and requests are always appreciated! It is fun to switch it up and see what the body enjoys moving to most. Typically, nothing is off limits. 

  • Upon entrance- you will first enter a large waiting room and in the back there is a door to the pole room.

I do not rent out the space and I do not allow unsupervised use of the poles. 

Studio Etiquette

*MUST sign up ahead of time. Absolutely NO drop-ins. Class space is limited.
- Please arrive on time (no more than 15 minutes early) for classes. If you miss the warm up  you will not be allowed to take class.

- Comfortable attire (yoga pants, shorts, tank top, sports bra, leggings, leg warms, etc.) Level 1 and up bring or wear shorts.
- Barefoot
-No rings or bracelets of any kind

Cell Phones:
Emergencies come up and it is unreasonable to expect anyone to turn their phone off or completely ignore it. However, please try to avoid excessive phone use. You if you need to take a phone call please set out and return when done. The purpose of this is so you and your classmates can be present during class without distraction as well as for safety reasons. If you are learning a new move then it is important I have your full attention.

Pictures and Videoing: Please wait until the last 5-10 minutes of class. Please do not record while in class and be mindful of others when recording as they may not wish to be recorded.

Honor and respect your fellow pole mates in and out of the room. All gossip will be shut down immediately.

During Class:
-Take turns using the poles- please do not be a pole hog!
-No spotting other students.
-No teaching other students. All questions should be directed toward me. This is for your safety.


Pole Dancer

Nicole Arnold

Growing up, fitness was a major value in Nicole's home. Her passion for fitness changed after being introduced to pole in 2009. Nicole's relationship with fitness, her body and mind began to evolve as pole taught her more about self love. Nicole is extremely passionate in sharing pole with other women in hopes they can benefit in a similar way.


Nicole has been teaching for nearly 15 years a variety of different classes ranging from intro to advanced. She has performed in showcases and competitions. Her favorite part is unleashing other parts of herself in a safe, supportive environment with other women.

Nicole opened Bend, Don't Snap Wellness in 2020 with the goal of bringing women together in a therapeutic space that encourages female empowerment, support and self love. She incorporates therapeutic techniques that are weaved throughout class encouraging somatic release and increased body awareness.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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