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About Bend, Don't Snap Pole Fitness, LLC
(Formally known as Bend, Don't Snap Wellness.)

Bend, Don't Snap Pole Fitness is a wellness studio in Monroe, CT, offering a range of small group classes for adults 18+ in an intimate, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. From Introduction to Advanced Pole, Low Flow, as well as Chair Dance and Acro-Chair, Flexibility, Conditioning, and Fitness. Our instructors are passionate and constantly experimenting with new techniques to provide an empowering, challenging and rewarding experience. 


Our Instructors

Pole Dance and Fitness Instructor
Nicole Arnold
Pole Dance and Fitness Instructor
Alana Willie

Nicole is a certified pole dance and fitness instructor with 15 years of experience. She believes in the transformative power of movement and is dedicated to helping women find joy and empowerment through fitness.

Alana is a certified fitness and pole dance instructor. She is passionate about helping women discover their strength and confidence through fitness.


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